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U.S.-led forces conduct 20 air strikes against Islamic State

Five of six air strikes by U.S. military forces in Syria targeted the contested city of Kobani near the border with Turkey, Centcom said in a statement. Those destroyed six Islamic State fighting positions and a heavy weapon, it said.

In Iraq, U.S. and partner nations conducted 14 air strikes, mostly targeting areas in the oil-producing north of the country controlled by Islamic State.

Four air strikes near al-Qaim destroyed checkpoints, armored vehicles, bunkers, fortifications and a tactical unit, the U.S. military said. Others were directed at Islamic militants targets near Kirkuk, Samarra, Tal Afar and Falluja.

Two air strikes near Mosul destroyed 11 bunkers, nine heavy weapons, a vehicle and hit two Islamic State units, Centcom said. (Reuters)



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