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UAE police seek suspect in killing of U.S. teacher

A suspect seen entering the mall in CCTV footage minutes before the killing on Monday wore the traditional robe worn by Arab women in the region. But police left open the possibility that the bulky figure could have been a man in disguise.

Video Courtesy: NBCNEWS

Police on Wednesday posted video of the suspect.

“Investigations are still under way to identify the suspect’s identity and gender. Witnesses reported that the culprit was fully covered wearing an abaya, black gloves and face cover,” a police statement said.

Police said the teacher, 37, was stabbed with a “sharp tool” and that the cause of the fight, which broke out in the women’s toilet, remains unknown. The suspect fled the scene.

The U.S. Embassy in the United Arab Emirates posted a statement in October saying that an anonymous post on a jihadist web forum had called for attacks on American teachers in the region but that it had no credible evidence of any such plots.

Police were taking care of the victim’s 11-year-old twins pending the arrival of their father, her ex-husband, from abroad. -Reuters



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