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UAE warns citizens of punishment over sympathy with Qatar on social media

ABU DHABI: UAE warns citizens that expressing any sympathy with Qatar on social media.United Arab Emirates (UAE) General Prosecutor Hamad Saif Al-Shamsi Said “would be considered as punishable offence by the law”.

According to a local news channel, bringing about sentiments in Qatar’s support on social media is a cyber-crime and could land offenders from three up to 15 years in prison or fine them at least 500,000 Dirham ($136,000) for committing the offense.

The prosecutor said that the decision was made in response to Qatar’s aggressive and irresponsible policies in the region.

Mauritania on Tuesday became the eighth country which had cut ties with Qatar after Saudi, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, Maldives and Mauritius.

These countries accuse Qatar of undermining the region’s national security by giving support and safe havens to terrorist and militant groups including those backed by Iran.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that perhaps isolating Qatar is the “beginning of end of terrorism.”

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