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UbeAuto rickshaw service is now in Karachi

The ride-hailing service Uber has launched the rickshaw service in Karachi. The uberAUTO is the first rickshaw service at the tap of an app in Pakistan.

To book your rickshaw on the app, simply move the slider to ‘uberAUTO’ and tap ‘request’ and within minutes the rickshaw will arrive and you can pay using cash or card.

The minimum fare is Rs. 50 with a base fare of Rs. 35, along with Rs. 3 per kilometre and Rs. 1 per minute.

And most importantly, the service is free for the weekend! You can receive 5 free uberAUTO rides up to Rs 75 each  from Thursday 24th November till Sunday November 27th.

Uber riders in Karachi can request a rickshaw with the convenience and affordability, and forget the hassle of hailing one off the street or negotiating the fare.

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 Uber Pakistan said that every city is unique and their aim is to adapt the technology to each of the cities it operates and provide safe, reliable and affordable transportation.

Rickshaws are a popular way to get around Karachi as they are affordable and sized to navigate through even the worst traffic jams.

uberAUTO offer another low-cost and reliable option for riders as the leading transportation app in Pakistan

Last month Uber launched the rickshaw service in Lahore. The global ride-sharing service was launched in Karachi on 25th August.



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