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Satellite imagery reveals planet sized UFO

An enormous UFO sighting has been reported which took the form of an angel-like spaceship traveling at the speed of light near the sun, ARY News reported.

Conspiracy theorists and Alien hunters alike spotted what they think is a gigantic ship zooming across the sun after a solar flare exploded from the surface.

By analysing a series of NASA images, alien hunter Scott C Waring said the craft, which looks like it has a huge wingspan and a dipping tail similar to an angel, was there one minute and gone the next.

sun ufo

This led Mr Waring to conclude it was traveling at the speed of light – something which no known thing in the Universe can do, apart from light.

Waring also believes the UFO is the size of Jupiter – which has a diameter of 88,695 miles, 11 times that of Earth.

Waring on his blog ET Database wrote: “I found this angelic UFO exiting our sun this week. The UFO came out right after a giant explosion happened.”

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“The UFO itself is huge compared to our sun. The angelic UFO is close to the size of Jupiter,” he added.

“It moves really fast because just a few minutes later, the photo of the same area shows it no longer there. Nothing that big could move that fast unless it has the ability to travel at light speed,” wrote Waring.

“That my friends is an alien craft, ” Waring claimed in conclusion.



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