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UK-based singer to impress music lovers in Pakistan

The singer is a huge fan of Mehdi Hassan and looks up to Pakistan’s ghazal maestro for getting her inspiration in singing

Wells looked super-excited as she spoke to local media officials at the Karachi Press Club and revealed details of her upcoming visit, straight from London through a video call.

Speaking to the media, Tanya Wells narrated how she developed her interest in the sub-continent’s music industry during the years she was being brought up in India. “I grew up listening to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan,” she explained, while terming music legends like Farida Khanum and Noor Jehan as her favourites.


According to Shahzad Alam of the Asian Performing Arts, the purpose behind Tanya Wells’s musical performance in Pakistan was to share a softer image of Pakistan with the world, so that more and more international artists could come and perform in Pakistan with complete confidence.

“We had planned such exchanges earlier too, but few unfortunate incidents and an over exaggerated hype around the deteriorating security situation in the country sabotaged those plans,” said Alam.


Tanya Wells is believed to be an expert of the South Asian classical music. The way she sings Urdu ghazals and songs turns into an entirely refreshing experience with a unique flavour of her British-cum-Lucknavi accent, which the music lovers looked forward to enjoy during her visit in August.



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