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UK minister questions BBC state funding amount, model

LONDON: A UK government minister on Sunday suggested the amount of money British viewers pay to finance the BBC should be reviewed, along with the state-funded broadcaster’s funding model.

Every British household with a television currently pays 145.50 pounds ($240) a year to the BBC, but that will end in 2016 and the corporation will be negotiating a new 10-year deal with the government at a time of austerity.

Sajid Javid, Britain’s minister for culture and a member of the ruling Conservative party, suggested the current amount was too high in comments likely to raise fears that funding for the world’s largest state-funded broadcaster could be cut.

“I think it’s a large amount and I think this needs to be looked at,” Javid told BBC TV.

Changes in the way people are watching television in the Internet age would also have to be taken into account, he said.

“I don’t think anything should be ruled out and nothing should be ruled in,” he said. – Reuters



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