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UK school restrict students from fasting during Ramazan

According to a foreign new channel, Leyton School in London in its letter informed the parents about the rule regarding fasting in Ramazan.

The letter reads, “We have sought guidance and are reliably informed that in Islamic law, children are not required to fast during Ramazan, only being required to do so when they become adults”.

It was also written in the letter that several children had became ill and were not fully able to access the curriculum of the school in their attempts to fast.

The rule will be implemented at other schools which comes under the Lion Academy Trust.

The decision has been criticized by the Muslim community. However, a representative of the Muslim Association of Britain said that it is upto the parents to make the final choice on their children regarding fasting.

He said that, “We believe that there are sufficient and stringent rules within Islam, which allow those who are unable to fast, to break fast,”

The CEO of the Lion Academy Trust, in a statement on the school’s website, said that the parents were allowing their children to fast during school timings will have to meet with the head of their respective school in order to discuss how the safety and well being of their child is assured.



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