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UK teenager who killed homeless man tells court ‘it was funny’

KENT, UK: A teenager from Kent, arrested on charges of killing a homeless man, told a court he kept beating his victim in the face because he ‘thought it was funny’.

Alex Mcdonald (pictured on the top of the story) and Charlie White, both 19, and Jimmy Buckley, 20, allegedly beat 21-year-old Razvan Sirbu to death near the tent where he lived.

The trio are said to have attacked their victim after coming across him late at night on May 6 in Tovil, Kent, where he lived in woodland.

McDonald, 19, confessed to fellow accused Charlie White following the killing of Razvan Sirbu in May, Maidstone Crown Court heard. Both men deny murdering the 21-year-old Romanian at the Loose Valley Conservation Area in Tovil, Maidstone.

Jimmy Buckley has been found medically unfit to plead to the same charge.

Razvan’s cause of death was given as blunt force trauma to the head and torso, with multiple skull fractures, multiple facial bone fractures and broken ribs.

When arrested at his home, Buckley gave a prepared statement which said: ‘I have learning difficulties and special needs. I’m not guilty of the killing of Razvan Sirbu.’

White and Macdonald deny murder, but Buckley has been found unfit to plead. The jury will not have to decide on the guilt of 20-year-old Mr Buckley, of Capell Close, Coxheath, only whether he “did the act”.




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