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Ulema issue code of conduct for mosques, seminaries

The meeting of religious scholars was held in Lahore in this connection.

The code of conduct issued by the PUC is as follows;



  • The use of loudspeakers will be prohibited other than delivering Arabic sermon in Friday prayers and prayer call [Azaan].
  • Complete ban will be imposed on religious edicts, preaching of Holy Quran and religious congregations through loudspeakers.
  • Seminary administration will also keep all documents of an enrolled student in its custody.
  • No foreign student or teacher could stay in Madaris without their legal documents.
  • Immigration card issued by Pakistani government to Afghan students and teachers will be considered legal document.
  • Registered seminaries will be bound to submit annual audit report of their seminary to the relevant authorities.
  • Unregistered seminaries should keep their (applied for) registration receipt with them.


Meanwhile, Jamiat-e-Ulema Pakistan and other Sunni religious parties have announced to lodge protest on February 14 against ban on use of loudspeakers.



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