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Umair Jaswal asks fans to pardon ‘old’ Ali Azmat

Pakistani singer Ali Azmat is one of the most dynamic and renowned musicians this country has produced. Ali has not taken a break from recording music but has refrained from releasing it for now.

Azmat’s main target in his leaked clip was Umair Jaswal, a quite new and talented actor, singer, songwriter and music producer.

To a query about Umair Jaswal’s super-hit song ‘Sammi Meri Vaar’, Ali prompted: “Is that his own song? I have no idea as to whose song is that. Some folk song is being played and it is twisted around with random changes.”

This rock star kept on against the other, “first you come on a TV drama, you become celebrated. Then you start whistling songs, while you have nothing to do with it.”

Umair Jaswal took all this issue very lightly.

He posted his video clip titled ‘With all due respect’ in response on social media and called Ali’s statement “extremely funny”.

“I would like to say to Ali that you are entitled to your own opinion and you cannot force it on anyone,” Jaswal said adding that it’s time Ali Azmat should come to the future and be relevant.

He asked his fans not to take the senior colleague’s statement serious.

“As far as my fans (furious comments) are concerned. I would like to say that let it go, it happens sometimes. He is an old man (Jaswal winked). Just forgive him.”

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