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Umer Shareef does not spare Hollywood as he takes on film Industry

The veteran artist while hosting the ARY News show ‘Har Lamha Purjosh’  had to harp on the topic when a fellow comedian asked Pakistani actress Jia Ali after listening to her future plans that does her upcoming movie used new technology in fight scenes or not.

Shareef defends Pakistani cinema

When the comedian mimicked sound effects of Pakistani movie fight scenes of the past as ‘Dishoon Dishoon‘, Umar Shareef had to tell him that in the past even Bruce Lee movies had the same sound effect.

Upon which Jia Ali remarked that she saw the Bruce Lee movie named ‘Big Boss’ using the same effect in fight scenes.

His take on Hollywood

Umer Shareef while even defending Pakistan’s great actor Sultan Rahi said that he even noticed a blunder in Hollywood movie ‘Mackenna’s Gold’ when horses moving in the desert tapped like they were moving on road.

He mimics Pakistani actors of the past 

When asked about Sultan Rahi, Shareef praised the talented actor of the past while jokingly remarked that Sultan Rahi’s smile was next to Mona Lisa as the best smile in the world.

He even went on to say that in some songs in the Punjabi movies of Rahi, the moustache sporting hero used to pose like he is a bodyguard for the heroine.

The highlight of the show was his parody of late Pakistani actor Muhammad Ali on the request of cricketing expert Basit Ali.

He praised the Pakistan’s Pride, the great actor Ali then mimicked his voice in the best of manner.

Here is the video

Umar Sharif on Cinema in ‘Har Lamha Purjosh’



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