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UN Report: 15 mln children affected in world conflicts

UN in its report has said that approximately 200 million children are living in the countries and areas that are hit with different types of conflicts.

The report further mentions that the children are affected in countries such as Central African Republic, Iraq, South Sudan, Palestine, Syria and Ukraine.

Majority of the children were killed during school hours and while sleeping.

UN further mentions that 538 Palestinian children were killed, more than 3000 were wounded whereas 1500 children became orphans in 50 airstrikes carried out by Israeli forces during its recent offensive in Palestine.

It further says that 17 million children were displaced in Syria and are living as refugees whereas 2.7 million children living in war torn areas of Iraq.

Scores of children were also affected in countries such as Afghanistan, Congo, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen due to conflicts that are prevalent in the respective regions.



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