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UN resolution 'clear message' Iran deal is path forward: Obama

Obama said he hoped the passage earlier Monday would “send a clear message that the overwhelming number of countries” recognize that diplomacy is “by far our strongest approach to ensuring that Iran does not get a nuclear weapon.”

“There is broad international consensus around this issue,” Obama added. “My working assumption is that Congress will pay attention to that broad basic consensus.”

The UN Security Council earlier unanimously adopted a resolution endorsing the historic deal on Iran’s nuclear program and cleared a path to lift sanctions crippling its economy.

Provided Iran respects the agreement to the letter, seven UN resolutions passed since 2006 to sanction Iran will be gradually terminated, the text of the resolution says.

But many in the Republican-led US Congress are less enthusiastic about a deal, saying it rewards Iran’s bad behavior.

Obama is battling hard to convince allies in Congress that the deal is a good one. He is expected to garner enough support to uphold a veto over any vote to scupper the agreement. -AFP



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