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Unabated load shedding infuriates masses countrywide

According to details, worst load shedding continued on the second day of Ramazan from Karachi to Khyber. People kept looking for water during daytime, while power outages at night tested their patience.

Prolonged outages in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur and other parts of Sindh greatly distressed the masses on Saturday, despite extremely hot weather.

Similar situation was sighted urban and rulal areas across Punjab including Lahore. Those fasting received no sigh of relief while the rulers set back at ease forgetting the promises made with the people.

In Peshawar, baton-wielding protesters surrounded the residence of Advisor to PM Ameer Muqam and chanted slogans against the government.

They slammed that Wapda officials are busy in receiving bribes and deprived them of electricity.

People stricken by power shortage castigated there is no water in their households and masajid that too during the holy month of Ramazan.

Protests and demonstrations also continued side by side with power outages, but it seems as if misery of the people has not yet awaken those at the helm of affairs.



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