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Unannounced power cuts disturb, distress businesses, masses

The sun is emitting fire in the country. People are forced to take precautionary measures and use excessive amount of juices, watermelons and sugarcane slices to get relief from hot weather.

Meanwhile, electricity utility has shown no mercy on the citizens by carrying out regular load-shedding as well as extra and unannounced power cuts.

The wave of heat has increased sale of caps and handkerchiefs in Sukkur, as people are using caps and handkerchiefs to save their faces and heads from the intense heat.

At the same time, Pakistan Meteorological Department has given a good news to the hot weather-fatigued people and predicted rain in several parts of the country. Heat of the sun is predicted to be less in Karachi because of sea winds. Quetta will also have slightly better weather, while Gujranwala, Lahore and Faisalabad will face extreme hot weather.

The maximum temperature in different cities of Pakistan is likely to be as follows: Karachi 34 °C, Islamabad 33°C, Lahore 38 °C, Peshawar 32 °C, Quetta 26 °C, Faisalabad 40 °C and Gujranwala 38 °C.



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