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Unidentified man flees after throwing off newborn in Hyderabad street

HYDERABAD: An unidentified man has thrown off an innocent newborn in a street of Hyderbad city and fled from the location immediately, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

The inhumane incident took place in Hyderabad where a man threw off a newborn in a street located before the Nursery Park area, police told media.

The newborn child kept crying for more than one hour which attracted the attention of the local residents who remained unaware of the cruel act.

Police officials said that the infant was later adopted by a childless couple.

Earlier on August 4, a newborn baby had miraculously survived after she was thrown off the 2nd floor of a building in Karachi.

According to the police, unidentified people had thrown the infant out of the residential building located in Baloch Colony area of Karachi. The police had earlier said the newborn had succumbed to her injuries after falling from the building.

The story took a new turn when Ramazan Chhipa, head of a welfare organization, claimed that the infant has survived.

Giving details of the horrific incident, Ramazan Chhipa had said that newborn baby, fortunately, fell on the shelter of a shop after she was thrown off the 2nd storey of the building by unidentified people. He said that the volunteers, after being informed about the incident, rushed to the scene and shifted the baby to the Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center in critical condition. Chhipa said that the health condition of the newborn was out of danger, adding that her right eye was affected during the incident.



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