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Union Counsil Nazim arrested for allegedly killing JST president Ranjhani

KARACHI: Deputy Inspector General (DIG) East Amir Farooqi on Monday confirmed the arrest of Union Council Nazim Rahim Shah for the alleged murder of Jeay Sindh Tehreek’s Karachi President Irshad Ranjhani, reported ARY News.

It is pertinent to note that Ranjhani was accused of trying to rob Shah who shot him in self-defense but then left him to bleed to death on the road apart from preventing people to help him.

During a press conference, DIG Farooqi relayed to the media that the police completed initial investigation into the case and will present a report to court. “Ranjhani and Shah have been accused of criminal offences in the past.”

Responding to a question pertaining to the timely arrival of police to the incident, the police officer said they had tracked the timeline of the whole incident, beginning from when the police helpline received a call till they reached there. “Sub-inspector Riaz Hussain, the first senior responder to the incident has been suspended.”

He added that Ranjhani’s accomplices were present at the scene of the incident. “He was shot fives times and there are ten holes in his body but we will wait for the Medico Legal Officer’s report.”

DIG Farooqi also said the post-mortem report is still awaited. “We are also looking into who caused the delay to transport Ranjhani to the hospital and also the bystanders who refused to help him.”

Before concluding his talk, he said everything is being done according to the law and advised people to not stir up conspiracy theories for the sake of politics. “Only one case can be registered for any incident.”



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