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United States felicitates Pakistan on Independence Day

According to a statement by US State Department, Kerry said that on behalf of President Obama, he sends best wishes to the people of Pakistan as they celebrate their Independence Day on August 14.

He said that the Pakistan has endeavoured to built among the democratic ideals of its founders since independence in 1947, and that today the people continue to honour them by continuing to strengthen security, economic stability, and the democratic principles that benefit all people of Pakistan.

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Kerry said that the United States joins Pakistan in celebrating the anniversary of its birth, and renewed its commitment to work to build a vibrant Pakistan.

On this occasion, the United States joins you in celebrating the anniversary of Pakistan’s birth, and we renew our commitment to working with you as you build a vibrant Pakistan.


US Ambassador David Hale has also congratulated Pakistan on the Independence Day, on behalf of President Obama, the people of USA and the embassy staff. He said that the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted to democratic values in the country.

He paid tribute to those people in Pakistan who are striving to make their country a vibrant country, and the Pakistan citizens in the United States. He said that US wants to see a stable country and will work together to make Pakistan a developed country.





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