Unity in parliament must to fight conspiracies, says Rabbani

ISLAMABAD: Senator Raza Rabbani has said the attempts will be made to break the democratic and political unity that has emerged in view of the current political turmoil, ARY news reported.

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When you [prime minister and your ministers] stop visiting the parliaments especially the Senate, then conspiracies will certainly be hatched by some quarters, he told while speaking at the joint sitting of the parliament here.

The PPP lawmaker stressed that conspiracies could only be dealt through unity.

He said he did not believe that parliament had won in the wake of current crisis, adding, “The battle is still left to be over”.

Rabbani said, “This is battle between power and institutions.” It is the first time, he said, in the history that lawyers, media and parliament were on the same page. We do not approve of any undemocratic move, he added.

He hoped that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif would not make a compromise.

“We admit that there were riggings in the elections, but we accepted it for continuity of the system. Had there been Article-258 (B) in the constitution, the assemblies would have been dissolved by now”, said the PPP leader.

Referring heavy rains and its subsequent destruction, Raza Rabbani said the Punjab government seemed not ready to cope with the problem.

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Unity in parliament must to fight conspiracies, says Rabbani

by Azhar Khan