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Unrest in Afghanistan is harming peace in Pakistan, says Aizaz Chaudhry

WASHINGTON: Laying emphasis on joint action against terrorism, Ambassador to US Aizaz Chaudhry said political instability in Afghanistan is harming peace in Pakistan.

Addressing a ceremony held here in Pakistan embassy, Chaudhry said both Pakistan and US will have to fight against terrorism together.

He said Pakistan has eliminated terrorists’ shelters on its side and terrorists’ safe havens in Afghanistan were a threat to regional peace.

“US should focus on the security of Afghanistan,” he underlined.

The ambassador said Pakistan has rendered supreme sacrifices in war against terrorism. “The job Pakistan has done against terrorism is unparalleled,” he observed.

US ambassador

He said Pakistan has always done positive work for peace in the region. “It is our desire to have better relations with US on basis of mutual respect,” he added.

Coming on regional security, he noted that much work has yet to be done on the security of Afghanistan. “Pakistan is suffering directly due to unrest in the neighbouring country,” he added.

He said the US should support Pakistan to defeat terrorism, adding, the country made supreme sacrifices in the war as it inflicted loss of 21,000 human lives including martyrdom of 6,800 soldiers.

Chaudhry said it’s worrisome for the countrymen that US still does not acknowledge the country’s sacrifices. “The war against terrorism is not our war but it was imposed on us,” he further said.



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