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Up to 25 per cent women own accounts in Pakistan, says SBP governor

KARACHI: Seven to 25 per cent of women own bank accounts in Pakistan, says State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Governor Dr Reza Baqir.

In comparison, he added, 58 per cent of women have access to formal financial services in Saudi Arabia and 92 per cent in Iran.

The SBP governor was speaking at LADIESFUND Women’s Awards for Pakistan at the Governor House today.

He said Islam doesn’t prohibit women from indulging in monetary affairs.

Stressing the need for commercial banks to simplify the banking system for women, Dr Baqir asked all stakeholders to come up with proposals to enhance women’s role in financial serves.

Providing women equal opportunities could help improve the national economy, he emphasised and added there are instances of various countries progressing after allowing their women to play a role in their economies.

The SBP said the State Bank has launched programmes in 168 districts across the country to enhance female literacy rate.



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