US against extra constitutional changes in Pakistan

WASHINGTON: The United States on Wednesday said that Washington does not support any extra constitutional changes to the democratic system in Pakistan, ARY News reported.

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“We support the constitutional and electoral process in Pakistan, which elected the Prime Minister of Nawaz Sharif. That was the process they followed, and the election they had, we are focused on working with Pakistan”, State Department Deputy spokesperson Marie Harf said at the daily briefing.

“We do not support any extra-constitutional changes to that democratic system or people attempting to impose,” that she added.

It must be noted that Pakistan’s two key political figures, PAT chief Tahir-ul-Qadri and PTI chief Imran Khan are leading protest rallies in country’s capital, one asking a complete overhaul of the system and other bent upon getting a resignation from PM and starting a civil disobedience movement.

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US against extra constitutional changes in Pakistan

by Anees Hanif