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US allowed to use Pakistan airspace for military transport

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has allowed the United States to use its air space for shipment of military equipments to and from Afghanistan, ARY News reported on Monday.

The United States in the initial phase transporting military vehicles from Karachi to Afghanistan.

According to reports, the first flight carrying military equipment to the Nato forces in Afghanistan took off from Karachi on Monday. The flight transporting 15 military vehicles to Bagram Airbase.

This was the first time aerial transport was used to supply military equipment to the security forces, who are expected to withdraw from war-torn Afghanistan by the end of the year.

Reports said 1,628 vehicles will be sent via air to Afghanistan for Nato forces.

The United States pulling out troops from Afghanistan in the end of 2014.

In the history's largest pullout of military hardware the United States will spend around six billion dollars to take back 35,000 military vehicles and the equipment in 95,000 containers.  



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