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US Embassy denies visa ban for Pakistan citizens

ISLAMABAD: The United States has denied reports on an impending ban on the issuance of visas to the citizens of Pakistan, and stated that visas are being issued on a regular basis.

According to ARY News correspondent in Islamabad, a spokesperson for the US Embassy has clarified that there was no ban enforced to not issue any visa to citizens of Pakistan.

She said that there were no restrictions imposed on Pakistan and the embassy was accepting application and issuing visas as per necessary rules and procedures.

The spokesperson also said that it was unlikely that the US would sanction Pakistan citizens from entering the US, or suspend the issuance of visas.

Meanwhile, Advisor to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs has said that Pakistan is reviewing the situation after the US temporarily barred citizens from seven Muslim countries from entering the country.

During an informal talk with reporters, Mr. Aziz said that it was the prerogative and sovereign right of any country to impose an immigration policy.

However, he said that open-visa policy was the need of the hour, and the interests of all concerned nations should also be considered while devising an immigration policy.




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