US grants $225 million in Israeli defence aid

WASHINGTON: United States has announced financial aid of $225 million for improving Israeli defence system, ARY News reports.

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U.S President Barack Obama signed a Congress bill into law which seeks $225 million aid to strengthen Israeli defence.

Allies of United States are also not hesitant to condemn the actions of the Jewish state. United Kingdom has said that the situation in Gaza is intolerable.

France, while speaking against the atrocities of Israel, said that the killing of innocent Palestinians is unacceptable. France added that Israel has the right to defend itself but it does not mean that they can target women and children.

Germany has also demanded Israel to stop its attacks in Gaza.

Britain, France and Germany alongwith many other countries have announced aid for the Palestinian people.

It should be noted that worldwide protests are being held against Israeli attacks on Gaza by the name of “Operation Protective Edge”. More than 1800 Palestinians have been killed in the process.

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US grants $225 million in Israeli defence aid

by Raza Haidery