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US Navy rescues abducted ship with six Pakistanis aboard

KARACHI: U.S. Navy Seals rescued the abducted "Morning Glory" ship, carrying 21 crew members including six Pakistanis, from sea pirates after an operation on Monday, ARY News reports from Karachi.

The staff of "Morning Glory" ship comprised of 21 crew members including six Pakistanis. The names of the abducted Pakistani members were Captain Mirza Nauman Baig, Chief Officer Ghuffran Marghoob, 2nd Officer Mohammad Mehdi Shamsi, 3rd Officer Syed Asif Hassan, Naik Zada and Mohammad Irshad.

According to a statement by the US Department of Defence, the North Korean ship carrying oil was abducted by Libyan sea pirates near a Libyan seaport earlier this month.

The governments of Cyprus and Libya had requested an action from the United States of America to rescue the ship from the pirates. The operation was lodged after an approval from U.S. President Barack Obama.

No casualties were reported during the rescue operation.



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