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US responsible for Pakistan’s prevailing situation, says foreign minister

ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Foreign Minister Abdullah Hussain Haroon has underscored the need for formulating Pakistan’s foreign policy afresh so that the country could set its priorities itself.

He was talking to media persons in Hyderabad. He deplored that the United State (US) is ignoring Pakistan despite its tremendous sacrifices in war on terrorism.

The minister said Pakistan suffered great losses as frontline state in Afghan wars and held the US responsible for Pakistan’s prevailing situation.

Earlier, he had stressed the need for redesigning and re-framing policies for betterment of the country. He said terrorism remains a big challenge for Pakistan and more needs to be done to get rid of it.

He, however, acknowledged that the country certainly has contained the menace over the last few years and the terrorist elements are not that much strong as they were once used to be.



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