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US politician says he aspires to work with PM Imran

WASHINGTON: US Democratic representative, Al Green, has said Pakistan and the United States has traditionally good relations and it requires ‘intense efforts’ to further improve ties between the two countries, ARY News reported on Sunday.

In an interview, Al Green, a member of the Congress, said a new leadership was now ruling in Pakistan. “Imran Khan has a determination to do something for his people.”

“I am aspired to work with the Mr. Khan”, he added. He was not just cricketer, but he also built a hospital and that is commendable.

The congressman said it was not in favour of any of the both countries to keep a distance.

“Trade, and people-to-people contacts can bring both the countries together and it’s the need of the hour.”

Meanwhile, US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad on Saturday said the United States was ready to address “legitimate concerns of all Afghan sides” as it wanted peace in the war-ravaged country.

Zalmay Khalilzad concluded the confusion on America’s fighting Afghan Taliban and at the same time holding peace talks with them by saying,  “I see that many are concerned that the United States is willing to both talk and fight. Let me be clear: the US wants peace.”

He tweeted: “To achieve peace, we are ready to address legitimate concerns of all Afghan sides in a process that ensures Afghan independence and sovereignty, and accounts for legitimate interests of regional states.”

The US special represetative for Afghanistan reconciliation said that it was urgent that the fighting end. “But pursuing peace still means we fight as needed.”




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