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Prominent US senators expected to visit Pakistan next week

According to a senior diplomatic source, the delegation will be lead by Republican Senator and former presidential nominee John McCain, who is also the current Chairman of the Senate’s Armed Services Committee.

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The delegation includes Republican Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina, Democrat Senator Joe Donnelly, and prominent Republican and international political consultant Rick Davis, best known as the campaign manager during John McCain’s presidential bid.

Davis is also a partner and Chief Operating Officer of Pegasus Sustainable Century Merchant Bank, a private equity firm which specialises in sustainable development projects.

They are expected to meet senior civil-military leadership in the country, as well as with members of several civil and human rights organisations.


It is pertinent to mention here that the Republican party has a majority in the US Congress and has halted several programs for Pakistan including the sale of F-16 fighters and other military and civilian aid.

This would provide a conducive environment to reduce the misunderstanding which have been developed, and provide an opportunity for Pakistan to convince them to soften their stance and provide necessary aid to the country. Senior diplomats in Pakistan have expressed hope that the visit will have a significant impact.


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