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US urges Afghanistan, Pakistan for joint efforts to counter terrorism

WASHINGTON: Just after hours of dropping GBU-43 bomb, ‘mother of all bombs’, in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan, the acting spokesman of US state department Mark Toner on Friday has urged Afghanistan and Pakistan for joint efforts to uproot menace of terrorism, ARY News reported.

The spokesman has said that dropping of biggest non-nuclear bomb was part of counter-campaign against Da’esh till its elimination. He further said that several militant groups under affiliation of Al-Qaeda were active in Afghanistan.

In a statement issued by White House, it was claimed that the bomb destroyed a deep tunnel complex of the Islamic State group while ruling out any civilian casualties.

US President Donald Trump called the mission “very, very successful.”

The huge bomb, delivered via an MC-130 transport plane, has a blast yield equivalent to 11 tons of TNT, and the weapon was originally designed as much to intimidate foes as to clear broad areas.



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