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Pak envoy urges US to mediate in Pakistan-India dispute

In an interview to American Newspaper, Jalil Abbas Jilani said India is turning down every message of goodwill from Pakistan.

“New Delhi has failed to respond to Pakistan’s proposals to create a joint counter terrorism initiative”, Jilani added.

Terming India’s attitude arrogant, Jilani expressed hope that Washington will use its influence on India to enter into a meaningful dialogue on all outstanding disputes between the two countries.

“The reason behind India’s rejection to hold talk is that India considers itself a dominant country”, said Jilani.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to US said Obama administration can take more effective measures for the peace building in South Asia.

He said long-term stability in South Asia depends on easing friction between India and Pakistan.

Speaking about Pakistan- US relations, Jilani said the ties between two countries have strengthened as compare to previous years adding that it will create positive impact on Afghanistan.





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