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US working with Pakistan and India against terrorism, says Toner

At a usual news briefing on Wednesday, the department’s Deputy Spokesman Mark Toner said Pakistan and India need to pursue closer relationship with each other on the security front while noting that better ties between the two neighbours would benefit the entire region.

“Pakistan and India, the United States, Afghanistan – all those countries have to work more closely together. Many of these terrorist groups operate within that environment and all of the governments in the region have to be diligent about taking the fight to these terrorist groups that may, …use safe haven in one country to carry out attacks on another country,” said Mr Toner .

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Mr Toner was of the view that all save heavens of terrorists needs to be eliminated from the region.

“We need to work effectively with all the countries in the region in order to increase our ability to combat terrorism and to bring stability to the region,” Mr Toner told reporters.

The United States has always urged Pakistan and India on several platforms to have closer terms with each other for making the region safer for their future generations.

On June 10 this year, a high-level delegation from the White House also visited Pakistan where they discussed core regional issues including bilateral ties between Pakistan and India, regional security situation and the Afghan peace process in the wake of a US drone attack in Pakistan that killed Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour.

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