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What good did bullying Sadaf Kanwal do, asks Ushna Shah

Many celebrities including Ushna Shah, Aagha Ali and Ahmed Ali Butt have weighed in on Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal’s marriage. 

Since the couple announced their marriage on Sunday, Shahroz was accused of cheating on his former wife Syra Yousuf in various social media posts. Meanwhile, model Sadaf also received online hate.

Actress Ushna Shah stepped in to speak in support of the newly-weds.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote “Trolling the father of her child was not a service to an ex wife. What good did bullying the wife & reducing the husband to make videos defending his personal matter do? It belittled our industry.”

“Imagine the toll this took on 3 families, that too during a pandemic. Shame!” she added.

Actor and comedian Ahmed Ali Butt urged people to refrain from commenting on someone’s personal life and instead respect their privacy.

Sharing his thoughts about the online hate hurled at Shahroz and Sadaf , he said that our words do make an impact hence we should refrain from poking our nose in every matter.

“Let us all show our good character before we judge someone without knowing who we really are,” he wrote on his Instagram stories.

Aagha Ali questioned why people are objecting to a relationship of husband and wife which is dear to Allah.

“I wish Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal all the best and hope Allah will ease things for them,” the actor wrote on his Instagram story.

He went onto add that he really wishes and prays that Syra gets what she deserves and may Allah bless her child with a great future.



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