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Utility stores start providing subsidised commodities across country

ISLAMABAD: The state-owned utility stores on Saturday started providing subsidised essential commodities with formal implementation of new prices under the Ramazan relief package, ARY News reported.

The government has given Rs2 billion subsidy to utility stores for Ramazan. Consumers have been given subsidy on 19 commodities on all branches of Utility Stores Corporation (USC) under the relief package.

According to the announcement, subsidy of Rs4 per kilogram is given on wheat flour and Rs5 per kg on sugar, Rs15 on ghee, Rs10 on cooking oil, Rs20 on daal channa [pulse], Rs15 on daal moong, Rs10 on daal maash, Rs25 on white channa [chickpeas], Rs20 on besan [gram flour], Rs30 on dates, Rs15 on basmati and sela rice.

Moreover, the subsidy of Rs15 is given on 1500ml bottle of beverages, Rs50 on tea leaf per kg, Rs15 on milk per kilogram and 10 per cent discount is given on spices of all kinds.

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On April 17, the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet had directed the Utility Stores Corporation to expedite the procurement of essential food items to provide timely relief to the people in the holy month of Ramazan.

A four-member Committee was also constituted headed by Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed to oversee the implementation of Ramazan Package.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had also directed the provinces and the interior ministry on April 1 to devise an effective price control mechanism and ensure availability of essential items of daily use during the holy month Ramazan.



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