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Uzair Baloch confesses involvement in 197 murders

According to details, the court has handed over Uzair Baloch to the police for a fourteen-day remand after the Rangers’ remand expired. The suspect was presented today at an Anti-Terrorism Court today after his ninety-day remand with Rangers expired. Police requested the court for a fourteen-day remand of Uzair, which was granted.

Sources disclosed that the notorious gang-war leader confessed his involvement in over 197 murders. Among these murders also included the killings of more than ten traders who were gunned down at Sher Shah scrap market.

Uzair Baloch also revealed to the JIT that he instated Saeed Jan Baloch as chairman of the Fisherman Cooperative Society. In return, Saeed Jan Baloch provided him with extortion money amounting to rupees one crore, on a monthly basis. Uzair also revealed that he had a close relationship with former Lyari Town Administrator Muhammad Raeesi. Raeesi handed over to Uzair twenty-percent of the amount that was received from every contract.

Uzair Jan Baloch was arrested by Rangers personnel from the outskirts of Karachi in late January of this year. According to Rangers, Uzair had been caught while he was trying to enter Karachi. He had been wanted by law enforcement personnel on charges of murder, extortion and being a central figure in the Lyari gang-war.



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