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Uzbek thieves steal livestock in expensive car – get arrested

TASHKENT: Two men have been arrested in Uzbekistan after they were caught by police while stealing livestock in an expensive car.

Officers in Uzbekistan’s Bukhara region were investigating a report from villagers who had lost a cow and a sheep, and managed to track down two suspects, the UzNews website says.

In order to avoid suspicion, they had been transporting stolen sheep and cattle – even bulls – in a Chevrolet Malibu owned by one of the men, regional police said.

Cow Uzbekistan police steal livestock

The American brand is a popular one in Uzbekistan where parent company General Motors have a factory – so much so that in 2013, the chance to put a down payment on a car sparked a small stampede.

It is easier to buy a Chevrolet these days, but a Malibu is still a luxury ride.

It is the most expensive of locally produced cars made by the country’s monopolist GM Uzbekistan and costs about about 30,000 dollars – a hundred times the average monthly wage there.



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