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Valentine’s Day being celebrated today

Valentine's Day is being celebrated today with compassion and zeal across the world. It is marked on February 14 of every year, ARY News reports.

Whether it is a school or any other organization, St. Valentine's Day is being celebrated as the day of love.

On this day, couples confess their feelings towards each other. They present each other with gifts, cards, flowers and wishes.

Wearing red clothes is part of the Valentine's Day tradition.

Ceremonies are held and various other events are also held on the festive occasion. It should be noted that a "Ghazal Night" will also be held as a part of Sindh Festival on Valentine's Day in which renowned artists are expected to perform.

However, certain people believe that the occasion is not just limited to couples. As love is natural and universal, so it covers the entire humanity as a whole. Son or daughter's love for the parents, parents' love for their children, love amongst siblings, friends are also some shades of this universal feeling.

"The day should be celebrated with passion", says Dr. Alia, a member of Punjab Assembly. 

Dr. Najma Afzal says that the day is special to her and she still awaits her special someone.

A member of Sindh Assembly from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) presented white flowers to his colleagues in Sindh Assembly and said that white flowers are a symbol of peace.

Parliamentarians said that the day can be celebrated with friends.They further added that love is not just limited to one special day.



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