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Vaneeza Ahmed reveals how and when she decided to get married

Model turned Vaneeza Ahmed has quite the love story with her husband which she revealed in an appearance in ARY Digital’s Ramazan show Shaan-e-Suhoor. 

Talking to host Nida Yasir, Vaneeza shared that she had met her husband-to-be about 25 years ago, however, nothing had transpired out of their friendship until years later!

“I met him in Islamabad through a friend, and then he shifted to America…” said Vaneeza, also known as Vinnie. Nida then proceeded to ask whether they had had a talk about marrying back then, to which she responded, “No, and I got so busy with my career that even I didn’t think much of it/him.”


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However, Vinnie did say that the couple had thought of marrying, but the circumstances did not prove ideal, with him moving abroad and her career taking off.

Then, years later, Vinnie stumbled upon her man on Facebook’s ‘People You May Know’ tab!

“I saw the picture, and I thought ‘I know him! This is Ali!’ I sent him a message and he told me that he’s in Pakistan,” said Vinnie. “I was in Karachi, and I had to go to Islamabad, and when we met, he said that he doesn’t want to date me and that we should get married instead!”

Vinnie then revealed that she did an istikhara to be sure, which turned out to be positive, and the rest is history!

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