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Veena Malik takes a dig at Taher Shah’s latest song ‘Angel’

Following his latest song Angel Pakistani singer Taher Shah has been receiving flak from all quarters of the world. Fans couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculous video of the singer dressed as an angel as well as his trademark awkward English lyrics.

Well, Veena took to her Twitter account and uploaded a short video clip of her daughter. She captioned it by claiming that her daughter listened to the Angel song and was ‘shocked and saddened’. In the video clip, Veena’s daughter can be seen watching the video of Angel intently.

So far, Taher Shah has not responded to his critics but thanked his fans worldwide for helping the video reach two million views in just forty-eight hours. Will Taher Shah respond to Veena Malik’s joke or will he tend to ignore it? Only time will tell.



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