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Veena Malik visits Abdul Sattar Edhi

While talking to media, she said her services would always be with Edhi Center as Edhi Saab has worked a lot for the aggrieved humanity.

“I am proud that I got the chance to visit Edhit Center today. The world is surviving, despite all the evils, because of people like Abdul Sattar Edhi,” she said. For the Mother’s Day, Veena said relation of mother is priceless.

To a query, she said she may think about working in projects other than commercial films. “Me and Asad are huge fan of Chariman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan.”

Son of Abdul Sattar Edhi, Faisal Edhi said health of Abdul Sattar had become better. He is torch-bearer for the people having spirit to work for aggrieved humanity.

On this occasion, Veena Malik sang Dil Dil Pakistan national song with Edhi Home children and played forming human train with them.

Earlier, on Saturday she had visited Jamia Binoria, an international religious seminary located in SITE Area. She had said she wanted her son, Abram Khan, and daughter, Kanwal Khan, to seek religious education and become Hafiz-e-Quran.

“I would like myself as well to seek religious knowledge and what other better religious institute could there be than the Jamia Binoria,” Veena had said while talking to media at Jamia Binoria together with her husband, Asad Khan, and administrator of the seminary, Mufti Naeem.

She had said before religious transformation she always felt a space in her life despite having all the luxuries and fame. However, now she was satisfied with her life.

This should also be noted that in the past, the actress has remained under fire for taking up bold roles in movies and for being part of reality shows.



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