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Vendor faces policeman’s wrath for refusing to sell corn for free

LAHORE: A corn seller had to face the wrath of a policeman for refusing to sell roasted maize kernels for free in a Lahore locality, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

The incident shining the spotlight on alleged high-handed behaviour of the Punjab police personnel occurred in Lahore’s Gulberg area.

مجھ سے مکئی کے پیسے کیوں مانگے؟

مجھ سے مکئی کے پیسے کیوں مانگے؟ لاہور پولیس کا اہلکار ریڑھی والے پر برہم ہوگیا — پولیس اہلکار نے ریڑھی پر پانی ڈال دیا — پولیس والے نے پیسے دینے سے انکار کردیا#ARYNews

Posted by ARY News on Tuesday, October 8, 2019


The policeman flew into rage when the vendor refused to sell corn kernels without paying.

Losing his temper, the policeman whose identity couldn’t be ascertained threw water over his three-wheeler cart, extinguishing wood-fired stove and soaking the sand he used to roast corn in a large pan.



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