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Rajinikanth – Here’s how this veteran actor looks on and off the screen

Veteran Indian actor Rajinikanth is one of the popular figures in the B-Town and quite known as perfectionist when it comes to his performance as well as film-making.

The actor has stunned his millions of fans with different transformations in recent flicks he starred in. With his rapidly depleting hair and ivory stubble-looking wrinkle-free and 20 years younger in front of the camera isn’t as easy as his customary flick of a stick of chewing gum. It has taken years of strategic styling to create Rajinikanth’s on-screen persona, say make-up artistes, producers and directors, who have helped keep the ageing star from losing his twinkle.

The passing years, says Sundaramurti, began to take their toll only on Rajinikanth’s hairline, as the star was always watchful of his waistline, which helped keep him look young on screen.

Until 2005, we styled him with his own hair and a natural patch or two, after which specialised wigs were flown in or Rajinikanth was flown out for the wig sittings,” says Sundaramurti in an interview.

But fans of the actor simply shake off the stark `visual’ contrast in terms of looks be tween the star on screen and the man off it.

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Off the screen

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