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VIDEO: ‘Aggressive’ swan forces Florida cop to run away

FLORIDA: A video was captured by a Florida citizen showing an Orlando police officer’s encounter with an aggressive swan that chased him in circles around his patrol SUV.

The video, recorded by Kelsey Wilkinson and posted to Twitter by her boyfriend, Darrell Harbin, shows the swan running after the Orlando police officer, who uses his patrol SUV as a barrier to protect him from the aggressive bird.

“I stopped to watch it and I just saw the cop running around his truck and I just stopped to film it,” Wilkinson told WKMG-TV. “I thought it was hilarious.”

She said the object of the swan’s ire, identified as Officer Brad Miglio, appeared amused by the situation.

“It was funny and I’m glad he thought it was funny, until the swan started freaking out on him,” Wilkinson said.

“We can’t overstate the hazards our officers face on the job,” the Orlando Police Department tweeted.



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