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VIDEO: Bride tosses bouquet in the air; what happens next will blow your mind

BEIJING: A bizarre moment of a wedding in China is going viral and perhaps it proves that everything ‘Made in China’ is not sustainable.

As seen in the video, the joyous bride tosses a bouquet in the air knowing little that what surprise, rather a shocking one, is coming next. The video, just 20 seconds long, shows the bride turning her back to her guests ready to toss the bouquet. It is said whoever catches the bouquet gets married next. As all the guests gear up to catch the flowers, something rather bizarre happens.

instead of being caught by someone, the tossed flowers hit the ceiling of the venue. What’s worse, the bouquet makes tiles fall off the ceiling onto the guests and the bride herself.

The bride followed the common practice of throwing back her bouquet to her bridesmaid, but it didn’t end well. From the video it looks like no one was hurt during the incident.



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