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Video captures ‘Trump’ robbing jewellery store in Australia

A viral video from Queensland, Australia shows a robber looting a store in the middle of the day while donning a mask of the US President, Donald Trump.

The masked marauder is seen smashing a window of a store and standing outside a shopping center. The visuals were captured by a nearby close circuit camera (CCTV).

The incident occurred at the Strathpine shopping centre, north of Brisbane, Australia.

The video has garnered a plethora of views and has become a rage on the internet garnering all sorts of responses from the world over.

Upon entering the shopping centre the masked burglar can be seen using a small hammer to smash the glass display of what has been revealed to be a jewelry store.

He can be seen stealing expensive items from the shop, which are now being reported to be expensive watches, in another instance he can be seen looting an electronics store and the video of that has also been recorded and procured.

The robber who is said to be in his 20’s becomes complacent during his escape and let’s his mask fall off, revealing his identity to the security cameras.

The looter is still at large and the Australian authorities have asked for any and all help that can be offered to apprehend the thief.



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