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Video of children trying Neymar’s ‘injury stunt’ goes viral

MUMBAI: Brazil striker Neymar has created quite a buzz for what is being seen as over-acting on his part when a Mexican player came to take the ball and sneakily put his toe on his ankle during a crucial match.

Brazil reached the quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup by beating Mexico with a 2-0 scoreline on Monday.

The 26-year-old player yelped in pain and writhed around on the ground, even though it appeared obvious that Maxican Miguel Layun, whose heel was on the ground, could not have put any real weight on his opponent.

A video of children imitating Neymar’s histrionics has gone viral on social media.

The 20-second-clip features children running on a field, each dodging their own football. However, they all drop to the ground and start pretending to be hurt the moment their coach screams out ‘Neymar’.



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