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VIDEO: Delivery driver in China sacked for eating customer’s meal

BEIJING: A takeaway driver landed in a hot water after he was caught feasting on a customer’s dinner in a lift before delivering it to its final destination.

The sneaky delivery man, who works for popular online food site Meituan in China, was seen on CCTV dressed in his yellow uniform with its distinctive kangaroo logo on October 21.

Footage shows him crouching down onto the floor and untying the plastic bag with the food.

He helps himself to several mouthfuls of dinner before he appears to spit into the food. The hungry driver then attempts to seal up the container and the bag before walking out of the lift to complete the delivery.

Meituan have since confirmed the incident took place and said they had sacked the member of staff in accordance with company policy.

They also said the company had apologised to the customer, adding: ‘This incident reminds us that platform operators need to constantly be on guard when it comes to matters of food safety and delivery sanitation’.



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