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VIDEO: Do you know about secret rooms in aeroplanes?

Most of you have been frequently travelling via planes – but did you know about secret rooms where the flight attendants hang out?

Hardly any of us realize that cabin crew also needs rest and recess during flights as they always seem to be around.

But, they actually have a secret room. On certain flights, staff sleep in a cabin situated right above business class – the highest point in the plane.


The stairs that lead to the cabin are hidden in a door situated right behind the cockpit. The cabin can hold up to eight people – dependent on the size of plane. In a Beoing 747, the flight attendants’ beds are located on top of each-other like bunk beds.

The Beoing 777 has more space; it gives the pilots more space. Pilots have a sink, toilet, business class seats and of course two sleeping spaces. The 777 is the largest twin jet in the world.





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