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VIDEO: Donald Trump’s ‘weird’ handshake is confusing the internet

WASHINGTON: A visibly awkward moment of Donald Trump’s handshake with Colorado conservative Neil Gorsuch is becoming a talking point on the internet.

Trump recently nominated Gorsuch to take a position on the US Supreme court.

During his handshake, Trump pulls Gorsuch’s hand not once, not twice, but three times during their shake, which also includes a strange hug hand/slap. The third pull is done with such force that Gorsuch is even forced to adjust his footing.

It has been long documented that Trump is a complete disaster when it comes to shaking hands, and he appears to be getting worse.

Trump’s technique for shaking hands, as pointed out in 2012 by NYMag, is what handshake sites call “the pull in” or the “yank and pull.” Instead of gripping the other person’s hand then moving up and down in unison, Trump will pull his subject closer to him. This is possibly to make it appear as if the person he’s shaking hands with is reaching out toward him, which many consider to be a power play.



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